Why (and how) we Prioritize Company Values and Culture

In the middle of a global pandemic, we chose to invest in consolidating our company culture by rethinking and reintroducing our studio values.

Today, as we imagine a future when we will no longer all work under the same roof, it has never been more crucial to provide teams with a sense of belonging to a community with a common purpose.

To attract and retain talent we must deliver a powerful, engaging, and inclusive company culture that everyone will feel connected to, even from miles away.

Here are the core values that guide our priorities and mold our company culture, and how we will instill those values into our daily practices.


At Square Enix Montréal, we describe Entrepreneurship as taking ownership of our work, anticipating opportunities, and being driven to go the extra mile.

To live our value of entrepreneurship we must stimulate creativity and encourage innovation. And most importantly, keep an open mind.


Collaboration seems obvious, doesn’t it? For Square Enix Montréal, it means that we value teamwork, respect individual contributions, and learn from each other as we strive towards a common goal.

As we focus on success and performance each in our corners of the Zoom universe, we must not grow apart from each other. We must take conscious steps to encourage collaboration across departments and projects to avoid the dreaded silo effect.


What company doesn’t strive to be innovative? It’s the key to survival in any industry.
At Square Enix Montréal we describe innovation as being driven by experimentation and use our imagination to uncover bold ideas that drive innovation.

In other words, it means not being afraid to try, to fail, and to try again. We should all be allowed to dare to make mistakes. Just not the same mistake twice.
Innovation means finding smart answers to crazy ideas.


What does it mean to place players at the core of our values? It means acting with integrity and honesty, extending quality to every aspect of our work, and aiming to inspire confidence in our users.

We want every player to know that they are in good hands when they have our games in the palm of their hands.

At every step, we need to ask ourselves, does this benefit our players?


In a perfect world companies would not need to add inclusion to their core values. Everyone, everywhere would act inclusively, recognise their unconscious bias, and appreciate a diversity of life experiences.

Inclusion is a value and a way of thinking. It’s a commitment to treating people with respect, valuing the opinion of others, listening, and learning.


How will I avoid our values being relegated to an inspiring poster of a sun-drenched jumping dolphin?

By making values an everyday priority at every level and by involving our team every step of the way.


Our company culture will stand the test of time if its foundations are built and strengthened by our people, for our people.