I am one of those people who struggled to adjust to working at home for the first few months. Here are a few tips that have helped me adjust.  

  • Setting up a dedicated workspace in my apartment.  
  • Establishing a morning routine to allow me to start the day on the right foot.  
  • Gradually starting to get up earlier, as I did before working from home, so that I have time to prepare my coffee and do a stretching or yoga session before settling down at my desk.  


The positive effects of my new routine were quickly felt, and I start my workday in much better shape.

My final tip would be to remember to take breaks and completely disconnect after your day's work.

  • Invite a colleague to a virtual lunch to unwind and take a real break in the middle of the day, as we did when we were in the studio.
  • Going out for a walk is a great way to clear your mind when you feel a little cramped at home.

This is new to everyone, and you shouldn't hesitate to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.



Working from home has made it painfully clear to me that organization plays a huge part in my wellbeing.

I have a running spreadsheet documenting what I read and watch, it’s called “Productivity” – I just had no idea how much of an impact it had on my mental (and physical) wellness.

Those unaccustomed to WFH have had to learn to live the loss of separation between work and home.

Over the last months, I’ve updated my daily routine to try and mitigate this new challenge – making up for the loss of going to and from work.

  • Shower and get dressed for work every morning.

Seems obvious but making sweatpants a weekend-only thing has been key to making them special again. Weekends, not sweatpants.

  • RSVP 30 min for reading – not always successful, my spreadsheet can confirm this.

Reading on the bus was such important me-time. This has been difficult to make up for.

  • Fifteen minutes to exercise and stretch every morning.

This has seen the most iterations – workout app, yogi YouTubers, etc. Ultimately what I do isn’t so important as doing something to delay the potato metamorphosis.

  • Scheduled breaks.

Every 2 hours I exercise for literally a few minutes. Raises the pulse and gives me a reason to get another coffee.



Community Manager

In 2020, I had to adapt all my skills to our new virtual reality. Here are my tips and tricks.

  • Book your schedule to get work done and learn to say no

Booking blocks allows you to focus on certain tasks and avoid getting overbooked.

  • Preparation for meetings is the key to efficiency

Write and state the purpose and goal of the meeting

Take meeting notes and document what is being said

If there is an action item, clearly define who needs to deliver what

  • Invest in a good camera and headset

Invest in a good quality camera (1080p at least) and place it so that both your head and upper body are in view. Invest in a good headset and you will be set to conquer the digital realm in no time

  • Update the digital “you”

If you are in a meeting, out of office, sick, on vacation or just need to focus on work, make sure you update your status. (Be creative!)

  • If you are a manager, take the time and listen during your one-on-ones

When working from home, professional and personal concerns merge. Take the time to listen and ask, “How are you doing?” Take note of personal projects and follow-up regularly. Your employees will open up more.

Now that we have gone digital, being efficient is more important that ever.


Central Services Manager

Although I am a very sociable person, I really like staying home. Here are my top work from home tips

  • Working from home has given me the discipline to meet my team 15 minutes every morning to go through the day’s priorities. It also helps morale and team spirit to "see" each other every day. I have become more aware of the importance of this morning ritual.


  • After the day is over, I make an effort to not look at my emails in the evening. With the line being easily blurred between my home office and my personal life, it's very easy not to be able to separate the two anymore.


  • A yoga session after the workday also helps clear your mind. This is an activity that I discovered in confinement and now I could not do without it.



Communications Manager

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