Top Weekend Picks by Martin

Trying to keep boredom at bay this weekend?

Martin, our studio coordinator, has prepared a complete entertainment program including his favourite music, movies, and book.

Best series to binge-watch until you fall asleep?

I’ve been a hardcore Friends fan since my teen years, so I could still binge-watch it a million times.

In terms of recent discoveries, I really liked Ratched, which is available for streaming.


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best classic movie to watch again

Mon vieux film culte est sans conteste The Goonies, film sorti en 1985! C'était la cassette que je regardais tout le temps quand j'étais malade étant petit.


My old cult movie is undoubtedly The Goonies, which was released in 1985. It's the VHS that I watched all the time as a child when I was sick

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Latest movie that surprised you?

That would be the documentary The Social Dilemma. This documentary features experts that givea behind-the-scenes look at social media, and it’s pretty shocking.

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A good book to read on a Friday night?

The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy is a philosophical novel by Laurent Gounelle.

He develops in a very accessible - yet effective - way on notions of personal development on the quest for happiness and self-confidence.

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Music to listen to while doing housework or working out?

Energia Parte 2 – Sofi Tukker feat. Pabllo Vittar is ideal for working out or housework.

I also recommend other songs by Sofi Tukker, which is one of my favorite bands at the moment.)

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