The BI Iceberg: A Key to Mobile Game Success by Laetitia de Sousa, Data Analyst

In today’s video game industry, the search for quality, usable data is the new gold rush 

Who hasn’t been hearing non-stop about machine learning, data science, data pipelines, and Artificial Intelligence? 

Business Intelligence (BI) plays an increasingly crucial role in companies of all fields since it brings together the processes, expertise, and technology required to leverage data.  

In a nutshell, BI enables companies to make strategic and business decisions. 

How can you avoid drowning in the data lake? By thinking everything through from the onset of your production and anticipate what is to come.  

Mobile games are complex systems, and the flow of data is considerable since it is collected in real-time from multiple sources. 

Read on Gamasutra all about Square Enix Montréal’s BI team and processes, and how they help our game teams successfully develop, launch, and operate games.  

Read on Gamasutra

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