Thank You, Mom!

Moms are the best!

Our moms are awesome,

They taught us courage, resilience, and patience (so much patience!)

To celebrate Mother's Day, we've asked our team to share their sweetest memories of and words of appreciation for the women who've made them (litterally!)

This is my second mother, my grandma who used to play with me when I was child.

We used to make puzzles, play cards, watch horror movies, and cook. Amazing for a child, no?

More than 20 years later, I was ready to leave my country to start a new life in Canada.

Because of the experiences she gave me, living here is much easier!

All the games and cards that we played taught me how to code.

All the food that we cooked taught me to feed myself wherever I go.

Each time I go into the woods in Canada, I remember the horror movies that we used to watch together - those where people go somewhere in the woods and something bad happens.

(We are not used to going to cabins in the woods in Brazil.)

It is so hard to leave people that we love behind, but it is much harder to lose someone when we are far away and going through a pandemic.

I lost my grandma to the pandemic in March 2021, after being in Canada for 2 years and not be allowed to visit my family because of the public health measures.

I guess this is a good way to pay tribute her! By showing the world that the Alekson you know at Square Enix Montréal is who he is because of this woman! ❤  

Alekson, QA Engineer

My mother aka Casta Diva, Roller Derby player:

I already knew that my mother was a courageous woman who feared nothing.

But the day she told me she had started roller derby training, I was incredibly surprised.

Surprised that at over 50-years-old my mother was starting a new contact sport, on roller skates no less.

I immediately became her number one fan.

I am proud of the bravery and perseverance it took for her to embark on this adventure.

It is through her example that I was also introduced to this sport, which has become my passion and allowed me to join one of the Montreal teams and become part extraordinary community where I meet my best friends.

My mother is a constant source of support and inspiration, I hope she'll always find the strength to take on new projects.

Thank you

Max, Publications Coordinator

She was always the best lap I could wish for.

Always ready to comfort me. There is nothing in the world she wouldn’t do for me.

And now she does the same for my daughter.

I love you, mom! Thank you for being the best mom and grandma we could have!


(In Portuguese for my mom):

Ela sempre foi o meu melhor colo.

Sempre pronta pra me confortar, não há nada no mundo que ela não faça por min.

E agora faz o mesmo para minha filha. Te amo, mãe! Obrigada por ser a melhor mãe e vó que poderíamos ter!

Paula, Senior Product Manager

My mother grew up on a farm in a small French village. Her generation was the first in her family to study past 6th grade.

At 26 she left her country and everyone she knew behind to immigrate to Canada.

At 31 she was single mom. Far from home.

She worked her entire life as a grade school teacher, putting me through private school so that my future could (hopefully) be bright and shiny.

She instilled in me a love of words, for which I am eternally grateful. (If I had a day off school, she would drop me off at our local library for the day with a packed lunch while she went to work. True story.)

She put up with me through my teenagiest and gothiest of teenage phases. (Patience of a saint that woman!)

My mom is a beautiful person; inside and out. She believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.

She is also a prize-winning grand'ma.

Merci Maman,

Nedjma, Senior Communications Manager


My mother. I don't have her eyes, her hands, or her skin color. I inherited her smile, her sensitivity and a few quirks!

When I was little, she signed me up for piano lessons since I had a interest in music.

When I had to choose a college program, she still believed in my potential and encouraged me to pursue my studies in music, which I found too risky.

It was only a few years later that I understood the meaning of her wise words and today, thanks to her, I live off my passion.

Without her support and trust, I wouldn't be where I am and I can't thank her enough.

I love you mom!

Kim, Composer and Sound Designer

My mom has always preached listening, and the importance of considering one’s words before making them public.

She would often say “listen before you talk” and being the youngest of 4 siblings there was a lot of listening being done in my youth.

In hindsight, this lifelong exercise in listening has led to a really strong sense of empathy, something I value in both my personal and professional life.

Today, seemingly more than ever, it is so very important for us to listen, hear people out, and at least trying to put ourselves in their shoes before jumping in with our own opinions.

Jorge, Community Manager