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Flexibility + Collaboration

Is it possible to transform the way we work to keep the flexibility of remote work without losing the power of collaboration and teamwork? We think so!

  • On top of increased work/life balance our new flexible hybrid work model includes generous reimbursements to set up your home office and every second Monday off to unplug and recharge!
  • No one knows what the future holds. That is why we are adopting a test-and-learn approach. We will adapt our plan to employee feedback and project requirements. You are looking for a studio that really puts the needs of its team first? Create games with us!
Group of four employees, two men and two women, at their work stations. Three are sitting at their desk and a fourth is standing and smiling.
Male employee working from home with headphones on drawing on a tablet with a stylus.
Woman manager standing and talking to two male employees seen from the back.

Management Vision

In a recent survey, 85% of employees rated their manager 4 or 5 stars.

Our managers have one common objective, helping each employee define their professional goals and supporting them as they run, not walk, on the path to reaching them.

Here, you’ll be encouraged to speak your mind, trusted to make the right decision, and allowed to not always have the answer right away.

We can only win the game by playing as a team.

Join the team


When we asked Square Enix Montréal employees why they chose to join the team, the most eloquent answer was: “Because friends.”

That says it all. Because friends.

Our values are more than inspiring words, we live and breathe them. We’re not perfect, but every day we strive to be better and to do better.


We take ownership of our work, anticipate opportunities, and are driven to go the extra mile.


We value teamwork, respect individual contributions, and learn from each other as we strive towards a common goal.


We build our reputation on fair and ethical practices and truly player-centric game experiences.


We are driven by experimentation and use our imagination to uncover bold ideas that drive innovation.


We are committed to creating a fair and diverse environment where all are welcome and respected as their authentic selves.

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