Square Enix Montréal, in Collaboration with PHI Studio, Pursues its Efforts for a More Inclusive Video Game Industry

Montreal, August 25, 2021 - Square Enix Montréal, the award-winning studio behind Hitman Sniper®, and the GO® series, is proud to announce that it will be the first Educational Partner of THE INFINITE, the world’s largest multisensory and collective experience in virtual reality. THE INFINITE delivers an extraordinary experience by transporting participants into the lives of astronauts during their space mission aboard the International Space Station.

Through this collaboration, a 30% discount will be applied for students when purchasing a ticket for the immersive experience.

This collaboration, based on a common desire to promote art and technology to young people, allows Square Enix Montréal to pursue its efforts to make the video game industry more inclusive.

Indeed, 30 young women identified by the Mouvement montréalais Les Filles et le code will be given tickets to visit THE INFINITE free of charge and some will interview Coline Delbaere, Producer of the Interactive Experience, on her journey as a woman in the technology field. The results of this talk will be published as a blog post.

THE INFINITE is an experience created by Felix & Paul Studios, PHI Studio in collaboration with TIME Studios.


“Following last March’s announcement of our financial support of Les Scientifines and Technovation Montreal, two Quebec organizations dedicated to enhancing the interest of girls ages 8 to 18 in science and technology, it was important for us to continue our efforts to interest young people, and more particularly girls and young women, in STEM, " said Patrick Naud, Head of Studio of Square Enix Montréal. “To drive diversity, it is essential for us to expose as many girls as possible to the potential of a future in science and technology and, potentially, in the video game industry. "

"We are very happy to collaborate with Square Enix Montréal to encourage and promote the involvement of young Quebec women in the world of high technology," said Julie Tremblay, Producer of THE INFINITE.

"The Mouvement montréalais les filles et le code focuses on interesting girls and women in technology by presenting, among other things, its creative and cross-cutting aspects," said Isabelle Fotsing Ambassador of the Mouvement montréalais Les Filles et le code of Concertation Montreal. Our partnership with Square Enix Montréal allows us to offer young women the opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe of the INFINITE in addition to exploring future vocations through a privileged encounter with a producer of The INFINITE."

Founded in 2011, Square Enix Montréal is a multi-award-winning mobile game studio that develops games based on existing franchises and new intellectual properties. Square Enix Montréal is dedicated to the creation of innovative and carefully crafted games that become international benchmarks such as the critically acclaimed titles Hitman Sniper®, Hitman GO®, Lara Croft GO® and Deus Ex GO®. In 2021, Square Enix Montréal announced that it was in development on a newly imagined mobile experience based on Taito’s Space Invaders and the upcoming release of Hitman Sniper: The Shadows. To date, the studio’s games have been downloaded over 130 million times in 175 countries.

PHI Studio focuses its activities on the presentation and curation of immersive works in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR). Recognized locally and internationally for its innovative production approach, technical expertise and achievements in new forms of storytelling, PHI Studio collaborates with major global industry players and has worked on many award-winning projects, with international presentations in New York, Tokyo, Venice, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Salt Lake City, among others. As a pioneer in interactive experiences, PHI Studio pushes the boundaries of immersive projects, with a focus on enhancing the visitor experience through a keen sense of detail and the elaboration of high-quality scenography. With a reputation for close collaborations with artists, creators, directors and producers from different backgrounds, PHI Studio aspires to be a catalyst of innovation, supporting the development of present and future talent.



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