Rewind 2013 with Mathieu Pontbriand, Senior Level Artist

For our 10th-anniversary, we are rewinding our history through the stories of the employees who have made and lived it. One profile per year!


Your position when you were hired? 

Senior Level Artist. I worked intimately with the Art Director and Lead Artist to help define the vision of the project we were working on at the time. Textures, modeling, lighting, and pipeline for the environments.  

Your current position? 

After 9 years at Square Enix Montreal, I still hold the same position.  

Although I've had several opportunities to move up within the organization, I love my job and have no desire to move up. As far as I'm concerned, I probably have the best job in the studio 😉 

What was your favorite pop culture moment of 2013? 

The victory of the young Canadian Stevie Smith at the final of the downhill mountain bike world cup in Leogang, Austria.  

I have been riding mountain bikes for years and had followed his career since the beginning.  

It was a magical moment for his fans to see him accomplish his greatest dream at such a young age. Despite his death from a motorcycle accident in 2016, his presence is still felt at every race. Long live the Canadian chainsaw! 

What song best represents your years at Square Enix Montreal and why? 

I don't think my musical choices are appropriate to describe my time at Square Enix Montréal, but if I absolutely have to suggest one, maybe "Orion" by Metallica. A classic for old metalheads like me 😉 

3 words to describe your first week at Square Enix Montreal in 2013? 

At the risk of copying my colleague Antoine, ''Long time ago! (A long time ago!)  

How would you describe this week. 

It went by fast!  

How has the studio changed since you started? 

Whew! Too many changes to list but basically, we went from a small start-up studio in a temporary office with rented second hand equipment to a mature studio that has produced several high profile games since its launch. 

What is your best memory from your years at Square Enix Montreal? 

I have way too many and it would be impossible for me to choose one! 

If you could invent a hashtag for Square Enix Montreal, what would it be? 

Hashtag? I don’t use hashtags!