Proud to Help: Square Enix Montréal Announces its Support to Project 10

In late 2020, we officialised Inclusion as one of Square Enix Montréal’s 5 core value. 

Posting the value of Inclusion on our website is one thing, taking concrete action to become better allies to the LGBTQ+ community is another. Our studio wants to do much more than pay lip service to the promotion of social progress. 

We could not be prouder to announce our financial support of Project 10, a Montreal-based organization that works to encourage the personal, social, sexual, and mental wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersex, and questioning (2LGBTQ+) youth and adults 14-25. 

Square Enix Montréal’s support will help make the programs available to more participant over a 12-month period:   

  • 75 extra individual listening sessions (approximately 1-2 hours each) 
  • 50 extra referrals for trans health (approximately 45 youth) 
  • 60 extra Gender Gear items (including binders, gaffs, breast forms, and packers and associated shipping costs) 
  • 25 new youth getting individual support (approximately 1-2 hours each) 

“Square Enix Montréal is committed to creating an empathetic workplace where all are welcome and respected as their authentic selves,” said Patrick Naud, Head of Studio of Square Enix Montréal.  “As we celebrate Montreal Pride, it is crucial to stand with organizations that defend and assist the 2LGBTQ+ community. Our support of Project 10 affirms concretely our value of Inclusion with a particular focus on the issues of discrimination and isolation faced by young people in our immediate community. We are proud to help the Project 10 team of dedicated staff and volunteers build a safer, more tolerant, and more inclusive world.”  

“For decades, Project 10 has been committed to providing support to young queer and trans people in Montreal, “said Mitchell Rae, Executive Director of Project 10. “It is thanks to outstanding demonstrations of solidarity from partners like Square Enix Montréal that we can continue offering life-changing resources to our communities that help our youth thrive. As someone who used the services of Project 10, affectionately known as P10, when I was a teenager, and now as the Executive Director, I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank you! “ 

Through advocacy and education, using a harm reduction approach, Project 10 aims to facilitate the empowerment of youth at individual, community, and institutional levels with a particular emphasis on supporting individuals and groups who experience multiple and intersecting oppressions. 

In the last year alone, 110 young people benefited from the help of Project 10 whose services include: 

  • Active listening sessions and Drop-in groups (205 individual support appointments and 58 calls for support in the last year) 
  • Gender-affirming material (160 articles distributed in the last year) 
  • Referral services (e.g., housing, medical services, etc.) 
  • Summer camps (49 participants in the last year) 
  • Mentorship programs 
  • And more 

For more information about Project 10 and how you can help: