Square Enix Montréal Partners with Academos for School Perseverance

Square Enix Montréal Partners with Academos for School Perseverance

At Square Enix Montréal we are committed to living by our values both within our walls and the community at large 

As a studio that cares about supporting the next generation of talent, we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Academos, an online platform that connects Quebec young people with professionals who are passionate about their work and eager to share their experience and expertise. 

Through this partnership, members of our team will provide online mentorship to young people ages 14 to 30 interested in careers in the video game industry.  

Academos supports school perseverance by helping students and young professionals gain a deeper understanding of the realities of the workplace and take the steps required to achieve their goals.  

Academos at a glance in 2020: 

  • 115,000 mentorees 
  • 3,000 mentors 
  • 715 schools 

Over a dozen Square Enix Montréal employees have signed up to be Academos mentors. Here are some of their profiles*. 

  • Maxime Bozzini, Game Designer
  • Julie Robert, Marketing Coordinator
  • Laetitita de Sousa, Data Analyst
  • Benjamin Hervé, Technical Architect
  • Andreanne Brousseau, Level Designer
  • Avinash Dev Beejan, Central Services Manager
  • Geoff Buchanan, Sound Designer
  • Simon Massicotte, Senior Lighting Artist
  • Kim Derome, Composer
  • Jorge Chaparro, Community Manager
  • Stephane Goulet, Financial Analyst
  • François Hosy, Lead Marketing Artist

A huge thank you to our colleagues who are committing their time and expertise to encourage young people on the path to an enriching career. 

Visit the Square Enix Montréal page on Academos to connect with our mentors.

(*) Some profiles may not yet be online at time of publication