Release Management Supervisor


  • Direct manager of Release Coordinators and Release Managers as part of the Release Management department for the mobile division
  • Perform the official release process (Both coordination and technical) while maintaining the same level of quality set by Release Coordinators and Release Managers, when needed
  • Research, refine and implement industry best practices, new/updated deployment guidelines, processes and strategies while keeping agility as a core pillar
  • Monitor and improve both KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and OKRs (Objective Key Results) while understanding the deltas and being able to communicate them to stakeholders when needed
  • Innovate from attending conferences to researching and implementing new ideas backed with updated documentation for Release Coordinators and Release Managers
  • Maintain daily, weekly and monthly rituals ranging from within the department to stakeholders and partners worldwide
  • Optimise by conducting research on tools and automation in collaboration with automation experts and engineers
  • General management duties such as conducting interviews, preparing job descriptions, regular 1-on-1s, personalised goals and more

Experience and Qualifications

  • Detail oriented with very strong organizational and tracking skills
  • Excellent communicator (Verbal, writing) and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in people management and operations
  • Experience with Apple (iOS) and Google Play 1st party guidelines
  • Experience with mobile Live Ops environment
  • Experience with handling 1st party specificities from certificates to store setups is a plus

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of Atlassian Suites (JIRA, Confluence)
  • Knowledge with Microsoft Suites
  • Bilingual
  • Knowledge of build systems (Jenkins, Team City, etc.) is a plus
  • Technical knowledge of infrastructure, backend and frontend functionality is a plus

Interpersonal Skills

  • Sense of organization
  • Meticulous, self-manage and pragmatic
  • Sense of initiative and resourcefulness
  • Ability to adapt quickly to changes from various teams
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and excels in teamwork

Motivations and Interests

  • A thirst to take on responsibilities and to grow is a must!
  • Passion for video games are essential!

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