Lead UI-UX Designer


Define, communicate, make, and maintain the User Interface of a game


  • Understand and communicate the artistic direction of the project to ensure that UI/UX team executes this vision as faithfully as possible.
  • Work with UI artists, UX Designers, Technical artists and Programmers to ensure the best possible visual quality, while respecting the technical constraints of the game.
  • Participate in the definition and prioritization of artistic milestones and define the workload of UI/UX team.
  • Follow up with the UI/UX team to ensure that everyone delivers their work on time and with expected quality.
  • Optimize the work methodology and the artistic processes, so that the contribution of each artist is optimal.
  • Follow up with the outsourcers, evaluate their work and give them feedback in order to reach the objectives of the project.
  • Help recruit and welcome new UI/UX to the team.


  • College or university diploma in Graphic Design, Game Art, Illustration or equivalent training
  • 5 years' experience as UI artiost or UX designer; Experience leading a Team on a project, big or small
  • Excellent communication skills and knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Good knowledge of mobile artistic production pipelines.


  • Strong fundamental knowledge of art, visual communication and design principles
  • Strong creative mind for ideation, innovation and UX
  • Familiarity with tablet games and related creative crafts such as animation, audio, game design and game art
  • Versatility and comfort working in a broad range of styles and genres
  • Strong understanding of Adobe Photoshop and illustrator
  • Some knowledge of Unity
  • Animation, motion graphics, and print design is a plus


  • Positive leader with an ability to present ideas clearly and inspire a team
  • Good sense of responsibilities, constraints, and schedules
  • Ability to clearly express his vision of the Artistic direction
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to think synthetically and analytically.

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