Development Director

Job Summary

We are looking for a Development Director to supervise and coach a multidisciplinary team in the delivery of a software suite for the production and operation of free-to-play mobile games.


  • Collaborate with product managers and subject matter experts to define and communicate goals, objectives, plans and key development milestones to the project team.
  • Coordinate teams in agile mode to achieve development goals, helping to direct and organize resources in planning and monitoring their work.
  • Ensure the creation of project management documents, including status reports, project plans, communication plans, balance sheets and compilations of historical information.
  • Identify, analyze, prioritize, mitigate, and communicate project risks; establish effective and feasible mitigation plans for the highest risks.
  • Document, communicate and manage key project management processes within the team.
  • Ensure the achievement of objectives by using the internal development team, as well as external partners either in person or remotely.
  • Ensure the career development of team members and their performance evaluation.
  • Manage the team's talent, budget, and workforce in order to achieve our objectives.

Experience & Qualifications

  • 5+ years in team and project management in a software development environment
  • Thirst for challenge, dynamism and ability to motivate others
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as a passion for teamwork
  • Experience in team leadership and change management
  • Experience in team building, including hiring, integration, training and supervision
  • University diploma
  • Experience with SaaS is an asset
  • Bilingual

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