Concept Artist


  • To contribute, conceive and create works in both 2D and 3D for character concept art, environmental concept art, props, vehicles and general illustrative artwork.
  • To create and elaborate on work that is both conceptually as well as visually in-line and following an established artistic direction.
  • Be able to continually elaborate and evolve your concepts from inception, as well as execute highly polished final deliverables.
  • Able to compose compelling scenes with characters and environments that have visual appeal in both 2D and 3D.
  • to develop concepts from working directly with producers and other non-art team members.

Experience and qualifications

  • Diploma in arts, or the equivalent 2D awards;
  • Experience with both 2D and 3D software;
  • 3 or more years of experience as a concept artist;
  • Bi-lingual (French and English).

Interpersonal qualities

  • Able to work within a team, and exchange with other team members.
  • Able to clearly express and articulate ideas.
  • Be focused on achieving the highest quality results
  • Be a motivational team player, while being autonomous and proactive.
  • Be analytical and have a detailed oriented mindset.
  • Able to adapt and execute under pressure while respecting budgets and deadlines.

Motivation and interests

Able to understand the subtle qualities that make good games so special and have the analytical ability to extract the successful elements that work, while being able to point out what doesn’t.

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