Building for Global Success: The Role of a Live Ops Manager During Soft Launch By David Molnar, Vito Minerva, Alysha Hum

Live Ops play a key role in a game’s success once it is released worldwide.

In their Gamsutra blog post, our LIve Ops Managers David Molnar, Vito Minerva, and Alysha Hum give an overview of strategies, tools, processes, and pipelines that should be implemented in the months and years leading up to launch.  

While a project is in Soft Launch, it's our responsibility to ensure that the game and the team is prepared for worldwide Launch.  

In this article, we’ll deepen your understanding of Live Ops and their role in a product’s development cycle.  

More specifically, we’ll focus on: 

  • How Live Ops Managers should take advantage of the Soft Launch period to set the table for long-term success  
  • How testing plays a key role during Soft Launch 
  • How Live Ops Managers should build and test game content and events for worldwide launches (and beyond!) 
  • What Live Ops Managers do all day!  


Live Ops Managers must think about all the future needs, not just the strategy for events and offers (although that is a big part of it), including: 

  • How will we communicate with players?  
  • What tools does the team need to prepare, not only to run events, but to react quickly and on-the-fly to the game’s performance and current events?  


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