At My Desk - International Cat Day Edition

Are we obsessed by our cats?


Do we embrace our unconditional love for our feline companions?

Oh yeah!

In honor of International Cat Day, we pay tribute to these charming furry friends who make working from home so much more enjoyable and entertaining!

Cats:  Zedd, 4-years-old (front) and Zip, 4-years-old (back) 

Human: Kim Derome, senior composer and sound designer  


When I adopted Zip and Zedd, I already had 2 cats at home. At first, I was only to take one because, with 4 cats I was definitely entering "crazy cat lady" territory. But, when I saw the adorable duo they formed, I didn't couldn't resist. 

In times of pandemic, they make working from home so much more pleasant, even if they take over my piano by lying on it, climb on my speakers which risk toppling over- hide my screen, and screech into my microphone during meetings.  

Their walks on my piano sometimes create interesting melodies and textures, maybe you will hear them in our next games! 

 They share an incredible bond and energyThey often team up to decide that I've worked enough...orslept enough. They are very mischievous and clumsy but, above all they are super affectionate and hilarious.

I love them madly exactly just as they are and their presence at the "office" makes all the difference! 

Cat: Dusty, almost 7-years-old! 

Humaine : Arina Ianioglo, QA DEv Tester

I adopted Dusty when I arrived in Canada. Nobody wanted to take him in cause was really fatHe's still fat. 😀  

He likes to come into my room and meow for me to pet him. In the photo you can see that he doesn’t look very happy (ha ha!), but he loves sitting on me while I work. 

Also, he scratches my door so i'll let him in. But, since I usually have my headphones on, I can’t hear him. 

When i go out of the room, he usually waits there looking not happy at all 😀  

I’d describe his personality as an old grumpy man, but he's the sweetest and he's super smart! He knows how to sit on command, and he’ll come running to you if you call him. Adorable! 

Cat: Malthus Malfoy, 2 years-old

Humain, Max Cayhuela, publications coordinator

Malthus Malfoy, (charisma +19), fearless protector of a sacred relic commonly known as the keyboard.

Her guardian status coupled with her powerfully captivating purr provides her with many benefits, including the possibility of having her stomach petted all day long and tasting Japanese cheesecake from the best innkeeper in town.  

She befriended a human just over a year ago. Since then, they have been everything for each other and accomplish all their missions “paw in hand”. 

cat: Leo, 6-years-old

Humaine: Noémi Rouleau, associate producer

Leo is a lil rescue weirdo who’s been living with me for 4 years. He doesn’t like change or having people over, so having me work from home for the last year and half is probably the best thing that ever happened to him. Being a rescue, he’s not the most chill cat but having me around 24h/7 for a year or so has made him a much more relaxed kitteh. He even discovered meowing to get attention (not my favorite new feature, if I’m being honest). 

We (me) did have to adjust some things to make the WFH work though. For example, I had to adjust my morning routine to add a generous dose of ear scratching while I go through my morning emails and chats.

Resting places (yes, plural) had to be incorporated in the office décor to ensure a minimum of productivity. Camera angles were also adjusted to try and minimise fluffy cat behind from showing during meetings (sorry team, it still happens!). Coffee breaks to chat with colleagues were replaced with petting sessions (he is not a great conversationist but it’s still relaxing). 

He’s a bit disruptive and haughty, as far as coworkers go, but I’m so glad to have this affectionate fluff ball by my side