Square Enix Get Together: Édition retour à l'école / Back to School Edition

Notre troisième Get Together au studio aura été un franc succès. L'idée est simple, des développeurs de différents studios se retrouvent autour d'une bière pour discuter jeux vidéo. Merci à Tribute Games d'avoir présenté Flinthook et Justin pour Katana ZERO.

Our third Get Together was another great success with devs from different studios enjoying a beer talking about video games. Thanks to Tribute Games for bringing Flinthook and Justin for Katana ZERO.

Let the Square Jam begin!

All throughout next week, everyone at the studio will participate in a game jam we call...

All our dev teams will stop work on current projects and divide up into team of 3 to 5 to create new and exciting game prototypes. The whole process will be documented through social media, and updates to this blog post.

Follow us on Twitter and #squarejam to see each team's progress.