Square Jam Édition 2016

Après une semaine de dur labeur, les sept équipes formées pour le game jam ont soumis leur jeu créés autour du thème "Exposed". Vous trouverez ci-dessous des captures d'écrans de chaque jeu ainsi qu'un petit montage vidéo. 

And we're done! After a long week of game jaming, all seven teams submitted their games created around the theme "Exposed". You'll find screenshots of each project below as well as this awesome montage.




Use your witchcraft to orbit two shields, protecting yourself and reflecting projectiles in this hazardous arena.


Help old Rufus escape the hospital in this infinite walker by deftly avoiding nurses and carefully avoiding exposing his opened gown to unsuspecting bystanders!


A noir newspaper-building game


Bad news? You're dead.
Good news? Your phone still works in the afterlife! Climb the Fate, Incorporated skyscraper before your battery dies, collect secrets about the future and text them to your friends. Give them foresight about future technology, disasters, and memes, so they can invest wisely and profit from your untimely death.


As private investigator Mr. Jones, observe the daily lives of the Wa Weliweli Hotel residents and photograph damning evidence to close some of the most extravagant of cases.


Size does matter is a physic based puzzle game where you have to dig up a mushroom as fast as you can, using powerful weapon.


A game where space hunters space hunt space hunters online.

Square Enix Get Together: Édition retour à l'école / Back to School Edition

Notre troisième Get Together au studio aura été un franc succès. L'idée est simple, des développeurs de différents studios se retrouvent autour d'une bière pour discuter jeux vidéo. Merci à Tribute Games d'avoir présenté Flinthook et Justin pour Katana ZERO.

Our third Get Together was another great success with devs from different studios enjoying a beer talking about video games. Thanks to Tribute Games for bringing Flinthook and Justin for Katana ZERO.